CSS: Layout on the Grid

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Course updated 28 March 2023
Course CSS: Layout on the Grid
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Included in the course

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What you'll learn

  • The basic properties of CSS Grid Layout.
  • Create and manage the space within grids.
  • Manage the layout of HTML elements within a grid.
  • Adapt grids for different screen resolutions.


This course is dedicated to the CSS Grid Layout module, a technological tool for creating grids in CSS. After the Flex module arrived, there was a need to control elements in two axes simultaneously. The developers wanted to take the grid system that has been used in print products for a hundred years. To do this, they used a table layout, a layout using Float and Flex. Each of these methods had limitations and development challenges. CSS Grid Layout appeared in 2011 and over the years has acquired many features and approaches that make it easier to create layouts using CSS.

Course program

Estimated time: 6 hours
  • 1


    Get to know the Grid concept. Learn about the key points and differences from Flex
  • 2


    To learn the concepts of grids and their components in CSS Grid Layout


  • 3

    First grid

    Learn about the properties that allow you to create grids using CSS Grid Layout. Create the first 12 column grid. Learn about the units of measurement fr



  • 4

    Arrangement of elements in the grid

    Learn the properties that allow you to arbitrarily arrange elements within a grid. Learn how to name lines/areas and use them when arranging elements.



  • 5

    Working with a grid

    To study the indentation between strips and the alignment of the grid strips.



  • 6

    Implicit grid

    Learn the differences between the explicit and implicit grid. Learn the properties of grid-auto-rows and grid-auto-columns


  • 7

    Positioning and Grid

    To study the effect of positioning properties and z-index when used within a grid


  • 8

    Additional resources

    Some materials the Hexlet team have picked up. This will give you a more in-depth understanding of the topic


We recommend working on these challenges after completing the course. They'll help you obtain more experience in programming and strengthen your new skills.

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