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Tota gets a job

We have employed the first student in 2013. Back then requirements to juniors’ skills were much higher.

That has affected the This has affected the learning programs, their depth and elaboration. For Hexlet students the interviews go under the motto: Hm, studying at Hexlet was much more difficult.

Sometimes our students receive their job offers even without interview: employers choose them simply by analyzing students’ projects code.

Our graduates work at
Bookmate Health Samurai Dualboot partners Abbyy CSSSR JetRockets EPAM EVRONE Simtech Smeetz Doumo Volt One Two Trip
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1. Find your career path
Hexlet hosts open days, public talks and lessons, as well as shares success stories and market analytics
2. Begin with a Frontend Developer program
You can find a suitable program among our courses if you have already decided what programming language to study. Go for a Front-end developer course if you hesitate where to start. It is the most popular and common option for beginners
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Try our free courses. They are recommended for beginners by experienced developers, and other schools use them to teach their students
What if ...
«I am a 35-year-old who does not remember the school Mathematics course. Work takes all day, and I have to go on business trips regularly. I have a family, a mortgage, and two cats, and my friends say, "Why would you do that?". I am not sure I can...»
These are the kind of questions that people ask us every day. The answer here is: You never know until you try. How can Hexlet help you to start without losing anything?
Tota looks at the monitor and wonders
  • Try free courses with the coding practice which are included in each program
  • Switch to any other program while studying if needed
  • No strict deadlines. Learn at your own pace, and do not worry about dropping out
  • Full refund within the first two weeks
What’s the difference here for you?

Practice with our full-fledged code playgrounds inside your browser, complete learn-by-doing projects, have personalized feedback from our tutors.

Hexlet is made and developed by actual software engineers. We teach what we know and what we are proficient at. And programming is our the only focus.

The founder of Hexlet, Kirill Mokevnin, runs a popular Twitter account, speaks at technical conferences regularly (since 2010!) and podcasts, conducts public interviews and holds webinars about development at YouTube channel.

A few numbers. 150+ tutors work with us. 20+ companies are our hiring partners. We maintain 17 Open Source projects and have built thousands of exercises, which are available at Hexlet.

3273 students started studying at Hexlet in the last week
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