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Start your career as a Frontend Developer. Learn how to create responsive and user-friendly interfaces for websites and applications. Master JavaScript, HTML and CSS, React+Redux frameworks. Start earning $47,000 or more per year right after you graduate

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Why Frontend?

A Frontend Developer is a programmer who makes the website user-friendly and harmonizes everything the user interacts with. They make navigation intuitive, site response instant, and animation alive. Our program breaks into courses that will help you learn all this from scratch, at a comfortable pace, and in a reasonable amount of time

1. Practice
Over 300 tasks with instant auto-check in our in-browser IDE. 4 real projects for your portfolio. Tasks and interview questions review
2. In-depth subject elaboration
We think that the "repeating after teacher" approach is useless. At Hexlet, problem-solving goes only through real understanding
3. Mentors
Mentors will help you adapt your learning path and carefully review all your solutions. You won't be ashamed of your results
4. Internship
Participating in real-world projects with live users. Full development cycle in open source projects (source code is available on GitHub)

What's the average Frontend Developer salary?

The actual salary depends on the state and the particular company. You can double it in just one year of professional development
$145 000
Median Total Compensation Package
According to a study of

Who our program is for

  • Beginners who want to acquire a profession from scratch. Even someone without a college degree or relevant background
  • Those who have already tried learning on their own but feel the need for a mentor
  • People who have already tried other courses but still find it hard to write their own code
Toto teaches students
Learning the essentials
The only programming language that works in the browser. The main tool of a frontend developer
Languages for building web pages. Describes their structure (block layout) and appearance. Maintain text formatting
Frameworks (React + Redux Toolkit)
Library handling common developer's tasks. Significantly reduces the amount of code and automates routine
Algorithms and data structures
Any program is a sequence of steps performed on data. The way of data organization greatly affects the project's usability
Frontend (DOM API)
A frontend developer's code runs in a browser, hence he needs to be able to interact with and modify the page
QA testing
Automated tests are an essential part of professional development
To orchestrate a code that is easy to analyze and modify requires a good understanding of how it is organized
Development is not just coding but also mastering the accompanying tools: the command line, NPM, Git, Webpack


Fit your studies into your daily schedule. Study online whenever and wherever it suits you — we have no looming deadlines. We recommend learning from 15 hours per week to keep up the pace of your group


Theory, tests, and hands-on exercises with automated check in a browser

On your own, whenever you want
Ask your tutor or groupmates in the group chat if you don't understand something


Webinars, slackonars, and live coding

Once a week, online, led by a tutor
Watch the record if you can't attend


Real-world apps, services, and websites to make a powerful GitHub portfolio

At your own pace, about a month per project
Tutor supervision and review

Tons of practice

300+ in-browser exercises homework with instant autochecking. Do them whenever it suits you,

4 project for your portfolio on GitHub. Great opportunity to understand how real business-driven development works

11 open-source Hexlet projects to learn how to handle other people's code and make pull requests. This will give you a collaborative development experience

Take-home assignments from our partners: a database of real-world tasks for you to practice. This will give you confidence in interviews

We help you get hired

We'll fine-tune your resume, teach you how to build cover letters, and set up a job-winning LinkedIn profile

We'll prepare you for interviews. You'll learn about interview techniques and how to give effective answers to a hiring manager’s questions

Mentors are practicing developers who will share their personal employment experience in the US, give you advice and recommendations

Тото на собеседовании

Our graduates work in well-known companies

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Employers will appreciate your qualifications, a certificate is a proof that you've worked hard on yourself and have a good prospect of becoming a top-notch professional



Inspiring stories of Hexlet graduates who have found jobs worldwide

Leonid Sviderskii
Leonid Sviderskii

A tech-humanitarian who got into manual testing, then learned JS on Hexlet, went to Canada, and got a job at Unity

"As I was developing in QA Automation, I was stumped by the fact that I needed to know programming and DevOps to fully grow my career. At first, I tried to get into it without a sound base through all sorts of sketchy micro-course learning only to realize that it was a long and unproductive way to go. That's how I got to Hexlet, which became my experienced mentor"

Denys Bondarenko
Denys Bondarenko

While working as an upholsterer in a furniture factory he mastered JavaScript on Hexlet and became a developer in Poland

"Since I had no experience in programming, I was looking for the courses that presented the material in a clear and simple way. That's how I found Hexlet. I was very attracted by the unusual knowledge delivery with the built-in practice, where the theory indirectly intersects with exercises, so I had to move my own brain, consume, and understand each theory passage"


from $800 / month in 10-months installments


$6,800 instead of $8,000

if you pay upfront

Money-back within the first two weeks if you change your mind
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