Frontend Developer

Learn how to make user-friendly websites and dynamic applications to create the best user experience

Theory, tests, and practice right in your browser
420 exercises in our in-browser IDE + 4 training projects
24/7 access to the program for self-training
React + Redux Toolkit
NPM, Git, Webpack
html, css
Learn as much as you need for $49/month

A profession with great opportunities

Learn JavaScript alongside HTML and CSS, and also master React, to create complex components that are easy to maintain and reuse. Learn how to make friendly interfaces, facilitate clear and smooth navigation, and make users happy
Frontend developers work on user interfaces for websites. The fruits of their work are pages that are both easy to use and look great, with interactive effects like animation, drop-down lists, popups, and menus.

We teach the essentials

Automated tests are an essential part of professional development
Designing code that’s easy to analyze and modify requires a good understanding of how it’s organized
Development isn’t just coding, it’s also mastering the accompanying tools: command line, NPM, Git, Webpack, and others
Libraries that handle common developer tasks. They significantly reduce the amount of code and automate routine tasks
The only programming language that works in browsers. The main tool for frontend developers
Languages for building web pages, they describe their structure (block layout) and appearance, and maintain text formatting
Any program is a sequence of steps performed on data. How data is organized has a major impact on a project’s usability
Frontend developers' code runs in browsers, therefore, developers need to be able to interact with and modify the page
Algorithms and data structures
Frameworks (React + Redux Toolkit)
Frontend (DOM API)
QA testing

Frontend Developer Course Program

Modern layout fundamentals
Content layout fundamentals
CSS: Positioning
CSS: Flexbox fundamentals
Layout tools and techniques
Module 1
JavaScript fundamentals
JS: Arrays
CLI fundamentals
Git fundamentals
JS: Setting up the environment
Brain Games
Fundamentals of programming
Module 2
JS: Objects
JS: Functions
JS: Automated testing
JS: Building abstractions with data
JS: Trees
Difference Finder
Advanced JavaScript
Module 3
JS: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
JS: Object oriented design
HTTP protocol
JS: Asynchronous programming
Regular Expressions (Regex)
JS: Frontend architecture
JS: Advanced testing
RSS aggregator
Browser application development
Module 4
JS: Polymorphism
JS: Classes
JS: React
JS: React Hooks
JS: Redux (React)
React: Redux Toolkit
Chat (Slack)
React application development
Module 5

Why us?

The demand for frontend developers is widespread across all industries and is continuing to grow. By acquiring skills and knowledge from our program, you'll be all set to work in a variety of organizations, from startups to large companies
Have real projects in your portfolio
Our training projects are based on real problems that frontend developers deal with on the regular basis. You'll acquire the technical skills necessary for employment, and our projects will become the basis of your portfolio on GitHub
Technical support in each lesson
You'll be learning on your own, but that doesn't mean you'll be left alone with the learning content. The Hexlet support team will answer any questions you have about our lessons, and help if you have any difficulties
Career planning assistance
Our program includes an Employment course
Flexible training program
You decide your comfortable pace of learning.
There are no deadlines in our program, and training on the platform is available 24/7. Learn when you feel ready, with a schedule that suits you
You’ll learn to create a competitive resume and LinkedIn profile, learn what to fill your portfolio with, and how to build a strong career path of Frontend Developer
$49 a month
A complete Frontend Development Program, become a Junior Developer from scratch
Learn as much as you need for

Browser-based learning

Each lesson includes theory in text and/or video format, tests to consolidate your knowledge, and practice in our in-browser IDE, which is a full-fledged coding environment
The program is divided into training modules with lessons, and is arranged in a logical order for learning. Follow this order so that you immerse yourself in the topic straight away, starting with the more simple parts all the way up to the more complex elements.
Study theory
We explain complicated things in simple words, giving examples and analogies, and providing links to additional materials to deepen your understanding of the topic
Take tests
You consolidate what you've learned in short tests on the topic. Tests help you systematize the knowledge gained in lessons and understand how well the you've learnt the materials
Do practice assignments
Write code and look for the best solution to a given problem. In each lesson, you work with a full-fledged machine that's connected to the internet.
This allows you to learn how to work with databases, servers, networks, and frameworks

Feedback from our students

We teach programming both to beginners and practicing developers
We give market-relevant skills
We specialize in programming, we don't have courses in other areas
The course authors and tutors are professional developers themselves
We help foster an engineering mindset
We organize internships, help you find a job
Hexlet is an educational platform
And if you like it, subscribe for $49 and keep moving toward your goal
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