HTML: Futuristic poster

Last update: 28 May 23:20

Complete the futuristic poster presented on the mockup

Futuristic CSS poster

Basic styles


  • Grid consists of 6 columns and 6 rows with automatic size
  • Poster aligned to the center of the page
  • Poster Width: 980px
  • Poster height: full viewport height
  • Color of each cell: #15141c
  • Cells overlaying the image have the color #673ab7 and a transparency value of 60%.

The first level heading

  • The first level heading "The Future Is Now" is three cells wide
  • Font size: 4em
  • Padding: 50px left and right

The second level heading Hexlet

  • Font size: 2em
  • Padding: 50px left and right

The image and font can be found in the assets directory. For the background image, use the following styles:

background-position-x: center;
background-size: cover;

Include Roboto font in app.css file

The finished layout grid looks like this:

Futuristic Poster Grid

The image only illustrates the future-poster area, not the entire page

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