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The hexlet catalog contains 15 уроков on the topic of «Accessibility». Lessons on the topic of «Accessibility» contained in the courses: Content layout fundamentals.

Explore how the overflow property works and how to hide content inside blocks. Learn about the text-overflow property

Learn about CSS variables, their application and scope

Explore the possibilities for setting and managing the page background using the relevant property. Learn how to position background images and adjust their behavior

Get to know pseudo-elements and learn how to generate new content via CSS

Learn about the course topics and goals. Get to know the lesson structure and features

Learn to create the cornerstone website element: form. Explore the standard elements of data input and form submission

Get acquainted with the main styles used for text design

Learn how to connect and select fonts on the page. Learn how to control the size, formatting and spacing within the text. Examine the generalized font property

Get to know CSS Multi-column Layout and where to use it

Explore the types of lists in HTML and learn how to style them

Explore the measurement units available in CSS and their relation to each other

Study more complex second- and third-level selectors according to the W3C specification

Learn how to add media elements to a page. Examine ways to add images, video, and audio

Learn about styling element events and styling by element's location. Discover how to use pseudo-classes

Learn table markup and its semantics

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CSS Columns
CSS Units
16 hours