CSS: Site Adaptability

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Course updated 19 January 2023
Course CSS: Site Adaptability
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What you'll learn

  • Check the site's adaptability using online tools.
  • Use the unit of measure percentage to create responsive layouts.
  • Work with Flex when creating adaptive layouts.
  • Create media queries that allow you to use styles for different screen resolutions.
  • Work with different types of devices and create styles for them.


The course is devoted to adaptivity, the main element of the site. Adaptive layout allows layouts to be viewed comfortably on many devices: cell phones, tablets, computer monitors. This course will reveal the mechanisms of creating adaptive HTML markup using the popular mechanisms of CSS. At the end of the course you will learn about a powerful tool - media queries that can be used to add CSS styles for different resolutions and screen types.


Estimated time: 3 hours
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