How to publish an article

Hexlet's blog is open for publication. We accept posts from organizations and private professionals. We expect guests to publish materials that are both of high quality and useful and haven't been published elsewhere

About the target audience

Hexlet is an educational project. Our materials are read by both seasoned and future programmers, company executives, and entrepreneurs. The audience is interested in publications directly related to programming, web development, computer science, and data science. Our readers also welcome other related articles, such as posts about personal effectiveness, health, employment, and careers

What publication topics to choose

The main criterion is how useful they are for our audience. Write about what you know, what you work with, and what you're good at. Hexlet readers don't need thoughts from the top of your head or rephrased retellings of other articles. Here are the topics of primary interest to our readers:

  • Programming. You can write a beginner's guide or an expert guide for seasoned professionals
  • Web, desktop, and mobile development. Experience from web studios and private professionals are of particular interest
  • HR. Job search and career development advice, employment experience, and interviewing and being interviewed
  • Learning Technologies. Our audience is interested in online education, corporate training, and techniques to effectively learn new disciplines
  • Science. Generally, our audience wants to see articles on computer science, data science, and mathematics
  • Healthy lifestyle, personal effectiveness. The medical and psychology articles on our blog get a lot of attention
  • Digital Technology. You can write about building computer networks, server technology and hosting, CRM systems, blockchain, neural networks and artificial intelligence
  • Finance. Financial planning, banking technologies and products, and investing
  • Entrepreneurship. Experience launching startups, product launching stories, and experience in individual entrepreneurship and freelancing
  • Book reviews. Be sure to contact the editor before you begin

This isn't an exhaustive list of topics

What do article writers get?

If the publication is especially useful and interesting, the author of the article will get attention and responses from their readers, and boost their social capital. We'll add a link to the site of the organization that submitted the article, or to the author's profile on any social networking site. Nuances:

  • You get the organizations' main page link open for indexation
  • The link will be provided at the end of the publication
  • We don't link to internal website pages or promotional landing pages

What else do article authors get?

We have two promotions for our students who actively write articles for us

  • If you study on Hexlet and find a programmer job with our help, you can write a success story for us and get a 50% discount on self-study
  • For every fourth student blog posts, we provide you 20 days on the Basic plan for free. It is important that these posts benefit other users, so texts will be moderated and proofread

To avoid misunderstandings

We do not publish articles that are blatant advertisements. If you want to tell Hexlet readers about your product or organization, try to ensure that the story is useful above all

Ideally, it’s better discuss the topic of your article with an editor first. It will help you make genuinely interesting material that we can publish quickly

Illustrate your articles. Take screenshots, draw diagrams, and add graphs. Please don't use stock images

For us, it's all about meaningful and valuable information. We'll take care of style, punctuation, and spelling. But if you keep your text clean, your article will be published faster