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Layout Designer

Creates pages using HTML and CSS. Can use Flex and Grid modules. Uses SASS pre-processor, Pug template engine and builds projects with Gulp. Makes sure page is balanced by creating semantically correct markup. Creates components and utilities on Bootstrap. Arranges adaptive projects.

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What is included in the profession

153 text lessons
3 diploma projects
110 exercises in the simulator
450 quizzes
Help in "Discussions"
Access to other materials
Learning the essentials
The language for marking up webpages. A basic tool for shaping content on a site using special markup constructions
Style sheets for webpages CSS is responsible for the visual design of sites, animated interfaces, and adapting pages for different resolutions and devices
Enabling people with disabilities to use the website Allowing users to read and use the features of pages with keyboards and screen readers
Styling pages for different devices and screen resolutions. An extremely important skill in the 21st century
Bootstrap framework
Using all the features of the Bootstrap framework to create your own components, as well as using ready-made tools
Automation tools (SASS, Pug, Gulp)
Expanding options when writing HTML and CSS. Automating routine tasks with Gulp
In addition to layout skills, you need to know how to use tools that allow you to organize your workplace, such as the command line, Git, NPM, and linters

Tons of practice

300+ in-browser exercises homework with instant autochecking. Do them whenever it suits you.,

4 projects for your GitHub portfolio. A great opportunity to understand how real business-driven development works.

11 open-source Hexlet projects to help you learn how to handle other people's code and make pull requests. This will give you experience in collaborative development.

Take-home assignments from our partners: a database of real-world tasks for you to practice. This will give you confidence in interviews.


Inspiring stories from Hexlet graduates who’ve found jobs all over the world

Avatar by Leonid Sviderskii
Leonid Sviderskii

A tech-humanitarian who got into manual testing, then learned JS on Hexlet, went to Canada, and got a job at Unity.

"While developing automatic QA solutions , I was stumped by the fact that I needed to know programming and DevOps to fully grow my career. At first, I tried to get into it without a sound base, going through all sorts of sketchy micro-course learning programs, only to realize that it was a long and unproductive way to go. That's how I got to Hexlet, which became my seasoned mentor."

Avatar by Denys Bondarenko
Denys Bondarenko

While working as an upholsterer in a furniture factory he mastered JavaScript on Hexlet and became a developer in Poland.

"Since I had no experience in programming, I was looking for the courses that presented the material in a clear and simple way. That's how I found Hexlet. I was very attracted by the unusual knowledge delivery with the built-in practice, where the theory indirectly intersects with exercises, meaning I had to use my brain to understand and consume each piece of theory."

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