JS: Trees

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Course updated 25 July 2023
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Included in the course

9 lessons (video or text)
16 exercises in the IDE
27 quizzes
Assistance in Discussions on the website
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What you'll learn

  • Understand the principles of the tree structure and construction
  • Represent in code and process recursive data, for example, a file system, directories or comment trees
  • Build abstractions on top of tree-like data structures
  • Use a functional paradigm


In the realm of computers, a lot of things are structured like trees. Product categories, the file system, source code, comments, HTML, XML, JSON, and other elements are a few examples. These structures all share the property of being recursive. To put it another way, any internal component has the potential to fully transform into an exterior component. Any part of JSON is JSON itself. This fact has a significant impact on organizational methods and working principles with such structures. They extensively employ tree-like recursion, which calls for careful planning.

Course program

Estimated time: 11 hours


We recommend working on these challenges after completing the course. They'll help you obtain more experience in programming and strengthen your new skills.

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