JS: Building abstractions with data

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Course updated 06 September 2023
Course JS: Building abstractions with data
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What you'll learn

  • Determine the domain entities and set the proper relations between them
  • Select the correct data structure for storing entities
  • Correctly design abstraction interfaces
  • Identify the invariants and stick to them
  • Use indexed and associative arrays properly


Programming is not just about computing: any nontrivial program models within itself the domain for which it was designed. For example, Hexlet works with the Course, Project, Student and other entities; they can interact and are somewhat related. This is what is called an abstraction. In this course, we will learn more about what an abstraction is and how to build it.

Course program

Estimated time: 9 hours


We recommend working on these challenges after completing the course. They'll help you obtain more experience in programming and strengthen your new skills.

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