CSS: Flexbox fundamentals

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Course updated 27 June 2022
Course CSS: Flexbox fundamentals
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Included in the course

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What you will learn

  • Apply basic CSS Flexible Box Layout properties
  • Control HTML elements vertically and horizontally using Flexbox
  • Create layouts adapted for mobile devices
  • Create flexible elements that change the width and height


With the increasing number of web pages and the complexity of the design, there emerged an urgent problem with the arrangement of elements. The advent of mobile devices has shown that the current positioning capabilities are not enough, and developers require a new mechanism that will allow them to control elements on the screen. CSS Flexible Box Layout became such a mechanism. In this course, you will learn step by step the possibilities of the Flexbox mechanism and learn how to use it in practice.


Estimated time 10 hours


We recommend you to work on these challenges after completing the course. They will help you obtain more experience in programming and strengthen new skill.

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