Bootstrap 5: Layout basics

3 students
Course updated 27 February 2023
Course Bootstrap 5: Layout basics
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What you'll learn

  • Use a 12-column grid mechanism.
  • Work with text and tables using Bootstrap's features.
  • Use standard components.
  • Apply the built-in utilities when creating a template.
  • Create your own components.


This course focuses on Bootstrap 5, one of the most popular frameworks for layout designers. Its versatility allows you to create complex layouts quickly. Built-in adaptability and accessibility mechanisms remove a lot of coders' problems. This course explains how Bootstrap works: mesh, adaptivity, components and utilities. At the end of the course, you'll learn how to create your own component using Bootstrap's built-in mechanisms.

Course program

Estimated time: 3 hours
  • 1


    Get to know the Bootstrap framework and explore the course outline
  • 2

    Why Bootstrap

    Learn about the pros and cons of Bootstrap. To see where Bootstrap is used and what it can be used for
  • 3

    Bootstrap installation

    Learn how to connect Bootstrap to a page. Learn about the different ways to connect and the tools to do so.
  • 4


    Learn the concept of grids in Bootstrap. Learn the types of containers.
  • 5


    Learn about the principles of adaptability in Bootstrap. Learn how to adapt the grid.
  • 6

    Working with text

    Explore options when working with text in Bootstrap. Learn about RFS and modifying standard project fonts.
  • 7


    Learn how to work with tables using Bootstrap's features. Learn about table accessibility
  • 8


    Learn about Bootstrap components and how they work.
  • 9

    Creating a custom component

    Develop a custom quote component using Bootstrap features.
  • 10


    Learn about utilities. Learn to create custom utilities using standard Bootstrap 5 tools
  • 11

    Additional resources

    Some materials the Hexlet team have picked up. This will give you a more in-depth understanding of the topic
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