Valentyn 09 October 2022 →

Hi there !

A bug is found in the quiz...💩 let company = 'Hexlet'; console.log(company.toLowerCase().toUpperCase()); I chose 'HEXLET' - it says: 'Wrong Answer'... but it is the **correct **one. Selecting 'Hexlet' says: 'Correct...' but it is not!!!

Mikhail 05 August 2022 →

Hello, Hexlet Support Team.

Can you please check if the web link in the 2nd tip is correct?

The 2nd tip reads: "Read more about sudo. There is an example of using the tee utility with sudo in this article"

And the link Read more about sudo provides:

Having checked the article, I found no examples of using the tee utility in there. I've checked with <Ctrl+F> and a search term "tee" just to be sure.

Best regards, Mikhail.

Mikhail 30 July 2022 →

Hello, Hexlet Support Team,

I've tried completing the exercise, but things get stuck.

I studied the theory and took the quiz. I searched the man pages for a suitable flag.

And here's a humble result of my findings:

Can you please take a look at what's wrong.

Best regards, Mikhail K.

Vanya 24 June 2022 →

Здравствуйте После ответа на самый первый вопрос в курсе по командной строке не отображаются следующие вопросы и пройти дальше невозможно

Robert Kuznetsov 24 November 2020 →

Hello! How are you? Could you help me to solve practical task?

Robert Kuznetsov 20 September 2020 →

Why do the english version website don't have all translations? Can I help to translate the english version of the website?

for example:

  • I don't see normal text for the button that create new topic.
  • I don't see translation for edit button and many other buttons.