Anastasiia 29 June 2023 →

Hi guys, could you change the link here, pls, it returns 404

Anastasiia 29 June 2023 →

Hi there, you have following task for spread operator Implement and export as default a function that converts dates into an array of human-readable English text. Each date is represented by an array [2001, 10, 18], where the first element is the year, the second is the month, and the third is the day. And you have following example:

convert([1993, 3, 24]);
// ['Sat Apr 24 1993']

And I'm confused cos 3rd month is March not April. Did I miss something in the task description where I need to move it one month forward?

Boban Zakovski 23 June 2023 →

Current question: 4 out of 4. Correct answers: 3 Check the concepts related only to imperative programming

(choose all the correct answers)

function calls



changing variables

while loops

quiz after the step 9. It gives 5 possible options and in the header it says only three are possible. I have tried as many as possible 3 answers and i've got always wrong. Please help!!!

Anastasiia 15 June 2023 →

Hi there, are you intentionally insert the same part of text twice?

Objects in JavaScript permeate the whole of development from start to finish. They are ubiquitous and used in real-world applications, often for several purposes at once. They are used both as associative arrays (storing key-value pairs) and as objects in the sense of object-oriented programming, which we will definitely get to know later.

Thanks, Anastasiia

Svetlana Kava 28 January 2023 →

Hi! You have mistaken in Theory?

... Usually, menus, sidebars, and the footer exclided from this area. ...

Valentin romanov 25 December 2022 →

"prefix (git log --filename)"

Must be "prefix (git log -- filename)" with space