Svetlana Kava 28 January 2023 →

Hi! You have mistaken in Theory?

... Usually, menus, sidebars, and the footer exclided from this area. ...

Valentin romanov 25 December 2022 →

"prefix (git log --filename)"

Must be "prefix (git log -- filename)" with space

Valentin romanov 22 December 2022 →

In desc you write:

<h1>Mom, I am committing</h1>

But in test you require:

<h1>Mom, I am committing!</h1>


Pedro 20 December 2022 →

Hi. I'm trying a lot of "codes" to try to solve this exercise, but whenever I expect the result to be either true or false, the resulte is "undefined". I don't know exactly what this means. Thank you

Nikita Madorskii 19 December 2022 →

why do I still have "article should be in section" mistake ? I have main, inside I have section, inside I have article. what's wrong ? please help me because I spent around 3 hours with surfing online and I can not find the solution.

Evgeniy Nezhentsev 11 December 2022 →

нет проверки ответа на контрольный вопрос

Pedro 29 November 2022 →

I'm sorry, but I don't understand what is wrong with my code:

  const iter = () => {
    // removed