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About JS: Dive into Classes

JavaScript, like other class-based programming languages, emphasizes the importance of class organization. Its purpose is to enhance code reusability (which may not be necessary if the language doesn't have classes) and minimize errors.

While this is a helpful approach, the numerous possibilities for implementation can make it challenging because we can achieve one goal in multiple ways. The variety of techniques has led to the creation of different schools and methods of writing code as when to use inheritance and the Liskov principle.

This course will delve into the class organization and explore the concept of inheritance. You'll learn how to construct effective class hierarchies with the help of the Liskov substitution principle. Additionally, you'll discover why using inheritance is generally discouraged (despite its popularity due to ease of use) and why composition is a better alternative.

Inheritance involves unique design patterns that emerge, and its usage impacts polymorphic code, although it's not a requirement. We will study this aspect separately.

Lastly, we will introduce you to an exciting concept known as mixins.

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