JS: Dive into Classes

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Course updated 23 January 2023
Course JS: Dive into Classes
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Included in the course

8 lessons (video or text)
7 exercises in the IDE
21 quizzes
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What you'll learn

  • Choose wisely between inheritance and composition
  • Follow the Liskov substitution principle when constructing class hierarchies
  • Implement "template method" pattern
  • Learn exception hierarchies


Inheritance is one of the most complex concepts in object-oriented programming. These are not only new syntactic constructions but also different ways to structure the code. Speaking of inheritance, you need to understand its applicability and limitations. Be able to use it appropriately and find other ways when it creates more complexity in the code. All of this is covered in the course. Additionally, the Liskov substitution principle, the "template method" pattern and much more are analyzed..

Course program

Estimated time: 10 hours
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