JS: Arrays

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Course updated 16 August 2022
Course JS: Arrays
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Included in the course

22 lessons (video or text)
35 exercises in the IDE
51 quizzes
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What you will learn

  • Define and manage arrays in code
  • Build and manipulate arrays in loops
  • Apply basic algorithms and evaluate their complexity
  • Use spread, rest syntax and destructuring


Arrays are the key structure to organizing data into collections. Displaying courses on Hexlet or Google search results is based on them. In contrast to primitive data types, arrays require additional knowledge. A significant part of algorithmic tasks operates with nothing else but arrays. That's why we devote an entire course to them. Mastery of arrays is the foundation upon which everything else is built.


Estimated time 27 hours


We recommend you to work on these challenges after completing the course. They will help you obtain more experience in programming and strengthen new skill.

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