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Introduction HTML: Preprocessor Pug

Page markup is one of the most arduous processes for any developer. It's not the complexity of markup itself, its implementation, opening and closing tags, unseparated templates in components, the visual issue in determining to what degree one section or another is nested, etc. To solve these problems, HTML preprocessors, interpreters that translate markup from their language to HTML, were invented.

In this course, we'll study the popular Pug preprocessor, which will help us learn:

  • How to not duplicate markup
  • How to use templates
  • How to divide templates blocks and put them into separate files
  • How to connect additional modules to process information in other formats
  • How to use JavaScript to add logic when working with templates
  • How to work with conditional constructs

It will allow you to write maintainable code and automatically translate it into plain HTML.


Many of the lessons in this course will include a practice section with a web view. It's a good idea to do more than complete the task. Once you've finished, try experimenting with the code and the features you've learned.

During the course, you'll come across independent tasks. If necessary, you can use it in the assignments to practice.

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