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Learning how to use pip to install packages from alternative sources

Getting to know the course and its goals

Introducing of the concept of interpretation

Exploring code bundling and package indices

Learning to avoid interdependencies and clutter in the global environment

Learn about tools that improve the development, packaging, and deployment

Learning how to install and set up Poetry to create your first project

Learning how to add dependencies to a project and run developer tools

Learning how to describe the points of entry into the program in Poetry projects

Building project distributions and learning to install them with pip

Installing the interpreter and learning how to use the REPL

Finding out what Python REPL is and how to use this powerful tool

Discussing the distutils library, the Setuptools package, and the pip installer

Learning how to install pip and download the first package

Learning to write and run scripts

Learning how to design modules and packages that can be imported and run as scripts

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