SASS: Programming

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Course updated 28 March 2023
Course SASS: Programming
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What you'll learn

  • Use mixins as functions.
  • Create your own functions and use them.
  • Work with various data types.
  • Use loops and conditional constructions.


The SASS programming course is a logical continuation of the SASS: Fundamentals course. In addition to extending CSS and reusing styles, the preprocessors added constructs available in other programming languages: creating functions, using loops, and using conditional constructs. This has allowed developers to reduce the amount of code while adding functionality not available when writing CSS. In this course, you'll explore, step-by-step, the programming capabilities of the SASS preprocessor.

Course program

Estimated time: 3 hours
  • 1


    Learn about the SASS programming course
  • 2

    Mixins as functions

    Learn about the additional features of hagfish


  • 3

    Data types

    Learn how to work with basic data types in SASS. Learn about operations with primitive data types.


  • 4


    Learn to create your own functions using the SASS preprocessor.


  • 5

    Conditional constructions

    Learn how to introduce some logic into functions and mixins. Learn the if/else statement. Learn about comparison operators and logical operators.


  • 6

    Complex data types

    Learn about new data types, such as lists and associative arrays. To learn how to work with them.


  • 7


    Learn about loops in the SASS preprocessor. Learn the differences between different kinds of loops.


  • 8

    Additional resources

    Some materials the Hexlet team have picked up. This will give you a more in-depth understanding of the topic
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