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Continuous integration Python: Automated testing

We have already dealt with the tests, so we will discover how you run them properly now. In this lesson, we'll discuss continuous integration and learn how to test.

What is continuous integration

It is a personal responsibility to run tests locally. Good developers use tests continuously during development and run them before pushing using the git push command. But this is not enough because there are always human errors. Even though they run locally, tests should be run automatically on continuous integration servers.

Continuous integration is a development practice that consists of frequent and automated assembly of an application to identify problems quickly. Programmers usually perform integration on commits to the repository and monitor them using a specialized server or a continuous integration service. It loads the code, assembles it if necessary, and then runs various checks.

What do we launch, and how? The programmer determines this in advance. First, we run the tests and the linter, which check the design of the code. In addition, we can run utilities to analyze security, the relevance of dependencies, and much more. We can depict continuous integration in this diagram:

GitHub Actions Travis Continuous Integration Server

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