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Ontology Python: Building data abstractions

Programmers always write software for a specific field. For example, accounting software relies on accounting rules, and a website for watching TV shows relies on TV industry concepts such as seasons or episodes. The same goes for other fields: booking flights and hotels, finding tours, buying and selling cars.


Understanding the domain for which you're writing a program is just as important as being able to program. Fields can be complex, like accounting or engineering manufacturing. You do not need to know it thoroughly, but a general understanding is still required.

Let's look at Hexlet since you know its key concepts — courses, lessons, professions, tests, code reviews, quizzes, course participants, and projects. There are two hundred entities — concepts in the code on Hexlet.

Entities are often in relationships with one another:

  • Professions consist of courses
  • Courses consist of lessons
  • Lessons consist of theory blocks, quizzes, and exercises
  • Quizzes aggregate questions
  • Questions obtain answers

These connections have specific names:

  • One-to-many or o2m — one lesson can have one course, but one course contains many lessons
  • Many-to-many or m2m — many users can take one course, and one user can take many courses

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