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Intro Modern layout fundamentals

The Modern Layout fundamentals course is the basis for learning the basics of HTML and CSS. Over the course of a dozen lessons, you'll learn the basics of laying out websites. You'll figure out how and in what language to write and design layouts. Learn the basics of styling HTML elements with CSS.

What you'll learn on the course

  1. Learn about HTML and how to mark up simple structures (mainly text)
  2. Explore the basic capabilities of the modern HTML5 standard in semantic layouts
  3. Get basic knowledge of CSS, including connecting styles, using selectors, and cascading
  4. Learn to use the browser's built-in tools to debug the layout. In particular, you'll examine how Google DevTools works
  5. You will learn what editors you can use and how to simplify and speed up the process of laying out pages using plugins
  6. Put the first pieces of work you make on the Internet using free hosting for static sites

Do it yourself

At the end of each lesson, you'll come across small independent assignments. They are aimed at a more practical understanding of the topic covered, so we highly recommend them.

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