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Postman HTTP API

Postman is a service used for manual and automated testing for HTTP APIs. You can use it to execute any queries through a user-friendly web interface, create tests that check APIs' operation automatically, and much more. Postman isn't the only service of its kind, but it is the most popular.

Requests via Postman

Work inside Postman is done in workspaces. By default, after registering, you'll already have My Workspace created for personal tasks and experiments.

Postman workspaces

Inside the workspace, in the center of the screen, there's a block where you can create tabs and make HTTP requests.

Postman Workspace

Each tab describes a specific query that we want to make. In fact, this is the central part of the whole service, here you specify the URL, HTTP method, headers and all the parameters that need to be set to perform the request.

Executing a query in Postman

Once the request is defined, you can press send, which will execute the request. At the bottom, you'll see a formatted version of the answer. In addition to the HTTP response, Postman shows the amount of data transferred, the request time, and other useful parameters.

Response after an inquiry to Postman

The best way to learn the Postman interface is through experimentation. Try making several different requests to dummyjson using the most complex requests, including request parameters, body and POST, DELETE and PUT methods, as well as token authentication.

Running queries through Postman is not technically different from working with Curl, except for the convenience of entering information using the web interface. The main advantage, however, is the ability to describe the API of a service as a whole thing You'll easily be able to return to this description, either for experiments or for testing. In Postman terms, such a description is called a collection.

Creating a collection in Postman

A collection consists of a set of endpoints that can be linked by a single authentication method, query parameters, variables (to substitute values in the URL) and other elements. All this is set in the settings of the collection itself, or for the specific endpoints.

Code Basics collection at Postman

These are just the basic features of Postman. The advanced ones include tools for API design and testing, backend emulation if there's no API, API operability monitoring, and much more.

Do it yourself

  1. Register with Postman
  2. Create a collection for the API

Recommended materials

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