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Introduction Gulp

While you've been doing these courses, you've already got to know some of the systems that help developers with designing layouts.

  • SASS
  • Pug
  • Bootstrap

They're often used together, with other plugins being added for image and file processing after compilation, among other things. The more of these systems there are, the more complicated the development process becomes, because you have to constantly compile files after changes, e.g. converting SASS to CSS, Pug to HTML, and so on. For each of these actions you need a separate command in the terminal, and you either have to enter the command manually after each change, or use tracking, but then you have to keep several terminals open at once.

Naturally, this development process isn't exactly convenient, and can lead to errors. In order to make routine operations easier, task managers were invented. Task managers are special programs or packages that make it possible to program all these operations and perform them with a single command.

In this course, we'll look at Gulp, a popular task manager that has gained a lot of love among layout designers and has become a basic requirement if you want your work to be convenient. We'll learn:

  • How to install Gulp in your project
  • What is gulpfile.js and how can it help automate our tasks
  • Let's look at the basic Gulp commands that are available without third-party plugins
  • Learn how to install and plug in third-party plugins created by the community
  • Learn how Gulp works with task chains and how we can control it
  • Deal with combining different tasks and calling them separately

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