HTML: Terminal

Last update: 25 Jul 01:47

In this challenge, you'll implement a terminal with code and develop your skills in working with the <pre> tag.

Terminal on CSS



  • Paddings: 20 pixels vertical and 30 pixels horizontal
  • Text color: white
  • Background color: #263238
  • Rounding corners: 5 pixels. Use the border-radius to set it

The terminal header contains three round buttons with different colors. Reset the main button styles: border and background.

  • Rounding corners: 50%
  • Height and width: 11px
  • Right indent: 5px
  • Bottom margin: 20px

Button colors:

  • Red: #ff5f56
  • Yellow: #ffbd2e
  • Green: #27c93f


  • For the pre tag reset the default margins
  • For the code tag set the following styles:
    • Font size: 18px
    • Line height: 1.5
    • Font: JetBrains Mono. The font file is located at assets directory

Each logically distinct element in the code has its own color highlighting:

  • Tag: #ff5370
  • Property: #ffcb6b
  • Property value: #c3e88d

Code formation markup

Use the following construction to get the formatted code:

<pre><code>&lt;section class=&quot;card&quot;&gt;
  &lt;h1&gt;Nike Air Max&lt;/h1&gt;
  &lt;img src=&quot;./images/airmax2020.png&quot; alt=&quot;Nike Air Max&quot;&gt;

Here you can see several different aliases. They are useful to know since they are widely used in creating web applications.

  • &lt; is the "less than" sign that used to open a tag
  • &gt; is the "more than" sign that used to close a tag
  • &quot; is double quotes

It's important to preserve the formatting. Try playing with this part of the code and see how it looks in the browser.


  • <pre> is a tag for formatted text presented exactly as written in the HTML file. More on Code Basics
  • When creating button use a display property with the inline-block value

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