Alvi A 07 March 2017 →

Hello! I can't understand why my solution doesn't work. Can you please explain what does this OUTPUT mean?

make: Entering directory '/usr/src/app'
suppressor pass 'RESULT=pass babel-node test.js'
suppressor fail 'RESULT=fail1 babel-node test.js'
suppressor fail 'RESULT=fail2 babel-node test.js'
suppressor fail 'RESULT=fail3 babel-node test.js'
suppressor fail 'RESULT=fail4 babel-node test.js'
 Expected tests to fail, but they passed. See output above. 
Makefile:2: recipe for target 'test' failed
make: Leaving directory '/usr/src/app'
make: *** [test] Error 1

Run failed! Check and fix errors above!

Oleg 27 February 2017 →

Hey! In the lesson notes you skipped symbol "+" after variable "name" in the phrase: console.log("His name is " + name " and his age is " + age);

vladpurga 17 February 2017 →

Select the incorrect statements: (Select all correct answers)


Nikolay Artamonov 16 February 2017 →

What with code-style in teacher's solution? I think it's not very good/

Nikolay Artamonov 13 February 2017 →

In description export it as default - doesn't work for me, only with export const ... test passed

Timur A 13 January 2017 →

my code is:

var i = 2; while (num%i > 0) { i++; } return i;

and OUTPUT says Run failed! Check and fix errors above!. Sad =(

Arman Kobzhasarov 08 January 2017 →

Hey Rakhim. Your english lessons are awesome. Keep it up! I'd like to point to one thing: when you say the word like "-number" it is correct to say "negative number" instead of "minus number", isn't it?)

Andrew Titov 28 December 2016 →

enter image description here

"Отмена" -> "Cancel", is not it ?!

Askhat Abishev 22 December 2016 →

Hi, Rakhim! How are you? I'm Askhat. Don't know if you remember me... We studied in SDU. I've found a mistake in "IF conditions and programs making decisions" part... OR operator (A - FALSE, B - FALSE, A OR B - TRUE). And also in AND operator, A - FALSE, B - FALSE, A AND B - FALSE (not a mistake, but I think that your intention was to write A - FALSE, B - TRUE, A AND B - FALSE). Wish you success in your endeavor. Great job!